What I could have eaten, but didn’t…

So, I’m a social worker which means I am stuck in a cubicle in an office that has no windows. Every day my fellow social workers bring in lots of yummy goodies. Today, there was cheesecake (my fave) and half a bar of snickers (also my fave). Being pregnant, they always offer it to me first. Today, I turned it down.

I try to have 3-4 meals with snacks in between.
Today, I had a PBJ sandwich. Banana and a cup of cheerios. Ground Turkey with brown rice, corn, and a plum. I am trying my hardest to drink a bunch of water. You’d think it’d be easy to drink water when you are just sitting at a desk staring at it all day– well it is, I just don’t do it. So far it’s 4pm and I drank 32 oz. Got one more meal and hopefully more water. But the only problem with more water is… more bathroom breaks, and with the tiny bladder I already have from being pregnant, it’s not fun. But I guess on the positive side, the more times I get up the more steps I get to record on my fit bit.


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